Before and After Marriage

>> Monday, October 6, 2008

Before Marriage,

Abang : Ah.. At last I can hardly wait!
Sayang : Do you want me to leave?
Abang : No! don't even think about it!
Sayang : Do you Love me?
Abang : Of course! always have and always will
Sayang : Have you ever cheated on me.
Abang : NO! why are you even asking?
Sayang : Will you hug me?
Abang : Every chance I get
Sayang : Will you hit me?
Abang : Hell no! are you crazy?
Sayang : Can I trust you?
Abang : yes!
Sayang : ohh Abang!

After Marriage,

Read from the bottom back to the top... ;D

p/s: Teringat crite madu tige.. huhu~

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